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Whistle In Mississippi

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Shades of Jade Entertainment has been a welcoming presence in Harlem for more than seven years because of its excellence producing positive and affordable entertainment with high standards for the community. The vision of Artistic Director, Michael Green, has expanded to launch a new and vital theater company, Shades of Truth Theatre, whose mission is to seek out new and veteran playwrights and others with uncompromising voices and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talent. As a true grassroots organization, the company”s intent is to build relationships with local independent businesses, as well as an audience base that consist of a variety of different groups to create continuing streams of support. Shades of Truth Theatre Company”s commitment to produce the works of unheralded and yet gifted playwrights was most recently shown in collaboration with New Heritage Theatre Group and Kumble Theater to present the riveting, award winning World War I drama, Camp Logan. The year 2010 will mark the seventh year Shades of Truth Theatre has produced The Meeting by Jeff Stetson.We are also honored to collaborate with Community Works, NYC to present several productions under their “Theater for young audiences” program

Shades of Truth Theatre has presented highly entertaining and educational plays to standing room only audiences in theatres, churches, community centers, schools and correctional facilities such as Rikers Island, Sing- Sing, and Eastern Corrections despite those institutions lack of resources for such programs. We are excited to make available to you 5 plays that all individually offer an historical perspective in a current social context. Complete with comprehensive study guides.

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Teaching our kids about our heritage through theater is one of the prime focuses of Shades of Truth Theater. We provide study guides to our historical shows that are performed in schools that will provide good background information. Click here to read more.


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